The Chain Reaction Business Retreat

3 days and 3 nights to concentrate and invest in YOU, YOUR business and GROWTH.

Salisbury, UK

30th April - 3rd May 2019



If you’re ready for a retreat that leaves you feeling euphoric, motivated and clear on your path then the Chain Reaction Business Retreat is definitely for you!

Fallen out of love with your business and feel burnt out because you’re not making the money you should be for your efforts? Have you had your confidence knocked by friends or family misunderstanding what you’re trying to achieve? Do you want to create a purpose to earn more money so you can help more people? Yearn for a deep connection with yourself and your business? Are you ready to manifest your fullest life? Do you WANT to get help every step of the way to grow your business?

Let’s bring the fun back into business

When women are happy, families are happy.
When women are productive, the world moves forward.
As women, we have incredible power and we don’t even realise it. Once you do, it feels IN-credible. I want YOU to reignite that spark.

The secret to your business success is YOU.

When women get their processes and support network in place our businesses explode.

Keeping your energy up and staying playful is exhausting and often unachievable to do alone.

I want you to feel as energised as I do by falling in love with your business all over again surrounded by a group.

Introducing The Chain Reaction Business Retreat...

Imagine looking out at beautiful gardens as you sip your morning tea, take time for meditation and savour a sacred space in a quaint countryside manor house.

Feel your joy as you indulge in chef prepared dinners. Sense the euphoric environment igniting you as you extract your dreams onto paper.

Picture yourself surrounded by inspiring women who will all spend time helping you achieve things you never thought possible.

In case you’re wondering where you are...

The Venue

For 3 days and 3 nights you will be basking in luxury as we dissect your thoughts and take inspired action to take your business where it deserves to be.

You will stay in your own private room in a charming country manor house enjoying views of the gardens.

The venue is an hour outside of Hampshire on the outskirts of Salisbury, Wiltshire.

The Food

To ensure you relax in the beautiful countryside, all your meals are prepared for you.

We can cater for YOU! I am a ye olde gluten/lactose tolerant hunter-gatherer omnivore.  What do you need?

You will even have a private chef in the venue two evenings. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are all included throughout your stay.

Of course, our retreat wouldn’t be complete without a fun girls night in! Lip sync battle, private chef, board games and A LOT of laughing!

Spending 3 days and 3 nights at The Chain Reaction Business Retreat is an opportunity to focus on YOU. A special time, heck, sacred time, that allows you to focus on yourself and where your business deserves to be heading.
What if you became inspired to create a business you utterly adore? What would it mean to you to find acceptance, joy and permission to succeed? And what if you oozed a love for your business (and life) releasing past pain to rebuild your confidence?

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Darn right it would! Plus you be soaking up the euphoric energy of other motivated women. And there’s more! Let me tell you what the retreat will look like...

Here’s what the retreat will look like…

The best thing is, we will be a small group, so we can change, adapt and think about each of you individually and what you need in that moment to be PRODUCTIVE... but a rough schedule is below...

Arrive 10am for a welcoming workshop to give you CLARITY

‘Get to know you’ luncheon

1:1 sessions with your host

'Take inspired action’ sessions

Dinner cooked by our own private chef

Evening of fun (I don't want to give too much away!)

Morning meditation and nature walk, yoga - choose your morning ritual.

‘Goal setting and inspiration’ workshop

1:1 sessions with your host

'Take inspired action’ sessions

Dinner in a beautiful nearby location

Morning meditation and nature walk, yoga - choose your morning ritual.

‘Planning for the future’ workshop

1:1 sessions with your host

‘Take inspired action’ sessions

Dinner cooked by our own private chef

Evening of fun before a farewell breakfast tomorrow morning!

Bonus gift from me to you

You will also receive 1:1 call with Trudy after you return home to ensure you stay pumped and on track with your aha’s you discovered at the retreat.

What’s included in the retreat...

  • Three nights accommodation in our stunning venue
  • Your own private bedroom
  • Group sessions including meditation, nature walks, yoga
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day
  • Private chef cooking at the venue two evenings
  • 1:1 time with your host Trudy at the retreat
  • Plenty of space to journal, plan and brainstorm your ideas on your own and within the group
  • A group of motivated women to support you on your path

Your retreat host

Hi I’m Trudy Simmons, a Clarity Coach and I show women that business can be joyful. I love showing women how to create abundant lives through getting clarity on their goals. I will help you find out what you want to do, why you want to do it and then how to get it DONE!.

I give you permission to be who you really are.

I give you permission to start. I give you permission to stop. I run my own business the way I choose, in a fun way that works and I know YOU can too.

If you’re stuck and struggling to find the next step to get shizzle done, I’ll extract your strengths and remove any blocks standing in your way.

I have a treasure trove of stories along with a truck load of empathy (and a bit of hard arse!) I show entrepreneurial women the way to their own road to success by getting clarity and taking inspired action. The magic is in the follow up so I’m there with you to see it through.

You can be anything you damn well choose. And I insist on that.

What my clients are saying...

Your investment....

The Retreat


  • 3 days and 3 nights
  • accomodation and meals
  • Workshops,
  • 1:1 with your host
  • Group of inspiring women

PLUS my BONUS gift of a follow up call within a month after our time together.

Yes! I’d love to come to the retreat!

The Retreat and The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club


  • The Chain Reaction Business Retreat


VALUE : £1149

I want all of that please!

The Whole SHE-bang!


  • The Chain Reaction Business Retreat



VALUE : £1745

NO WAY - I want that one!

Got a question?

Here are a few questions that I have been asked, but if you have other questions, please contact me.

I’d love to come to the event, Is there a payment plan?

Absolutely! To secure your place you will need to pay a deposit. The rest will then be due by the 1st March 2019.

Who else will be attending the retreat?

Like-minded women who run their own business will be at the event so you will be in good company. Spaces are limited to ensure you have an intimate group to work with and inspire you.

Are there any hidden fees that we need to consider?

Only if you wish to go offsite and purchase local trinkets to take home. All your meals, accommodation and activities at the venue are included.

The Legal Bit / Cancellation Policy

The Chain Reaction Business Retreat is on 30th April - 3rd May 2019. The ticket price includes all meals, accommodation and activities mentioned above.
A deposit will be paid to secure your place. The remaining amount will then be paid by the 1st March 2019. All payments are non refundable.

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